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LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 1, 2020 / The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated traveling abroad. Nearly 56% of travelers planning to journey abroad do not know if their current health insurance policy will cover a health emergency or hospitalization in another country. In fact, many domestic policies do not extend coverage overseas. If you intend to travel abroad, personal health risks must be considered prior. Issues such as trip and fall accidents, the coronavirus, food poisoning, and other problems will not only affect your trip; they may cost thousands of dollars in surprise medical fees.

Rene is a startup that is currently raising its second round of funding to expand its successful travel insurance platform in the U.S. Rene’s founder and CEO, Atilio Spaccarotella began this venture to help protect the safety and health of travelers on their journeys. The platform provides travelers with tailored travel insurance complemented by telemedicine services, wellness programs, and access to healthcare wherever they may be located. In this era of the pandemic, both business travelers and vacationers need what the company refers to as ‘Caresurance,'(™), a user-centered approach to travel that allows access to affordable healthcare travel insurance and safety reports.

Atilio Spaccarotella was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, he was working for the startup that he founded when he was 17 years old but decided to leave that business to start Rene after having an accident while traveling that left him with a huge bill that his insurance company didn’t cover.

Rene features a savvy digital platform that uses a proprietary algorithm to match the right type of policy for each type of trip. Besides obtaining the best coverage available, travelers can access the latest travel restrictions, COVID-19 updates, and safety information about their destination.

The Rene model focuses on business travel, but with the coronavirus crises, the company is expanding offerings to the leisure space, partnering with luxury travel agencies.

“Most of our customers were corporations, but when the pandemic hit, numerous travel agencies reached out to us asking for help navigating the new norm, so we created a product that allows them to give their customers reliable safety information about their destinations, as well as a superb insurance product. We are currently closing pilots with several clients around the globe and looking to onboard 100 agencies within the next 6 months” – Atilio explains.

Mr. Spaccarotella explained, “people are afraid to travel. We want to make sure that they have the right tools to navigate the new norm once they are ready to travel.” With Rene, travelers have healthcare access and coverage, plus safety-related updates that are tailored to their travel destinations, literally at their fingertips.

Rene Fundraising Efforts

Since its 2019 launch, Rene has already secured major investment backing and is now raising its seed round. Its chief investors include Quake Capital, a venture capital fund that specializes in seed-stage investment, and Nex Cubed, a healthcare investment firm focused on the growth and acceleration of tech startups.

According to Managing Partner of Quake Capital Jason Fernandez, “we were impressed by what Rene achieved in such a short period, and how its team was able to adapt and thrive during the Coronavirus pandemic.” He is particularly excited to see what the next 12 months have in store for Rene and noted, “the COVID crisis is affecting the travel industry in an unprecedented way, and we are glad to be a part of the effort to make travel a safer experience.”

Rene Expansion to Reach More Travelers

Rene’s team is now using its newly raised funds and resources to market to luxury travel agencies throughout the U.S.; encouraging them to offer Rene to travelers. Many people don’t consider travel insurance or mistakenly believe that their domestic policy will take care of their medical needs abroad should they arise. Travel agents will appraise their clients on deficiencies associated with domestic policies and introduce them to Rene and its features.

The travel industry is experiencing a major shift and Rene is leading that change by guiding travelers and businesses through this new reality. In this era of the pandemic, we must not forget to prioritize our well-being and mitigate risks associated with travel. It’s better to be covered so we may continue to enjoy adventures that await.

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