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About Rene

Getting people back to travel safely

Rene provides companies with the tools they need to keep their travelers safe and healthy on their journeys, from tailored travel insurance to wellness programs and telemedicine services.
Rene's award-winning platform provides critical safety information that helps businesses comply with their duty of care solutions.


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Rene sees the future of healthcare and insurance evolving into CareSurance™, a user-centered approach that focuses on people’s daily wellbeing, giving them access to the right type of care, when and where they need it

Why is it important

We experienced a travel accident...

"After experiencing first hand what is like to have an accident abroad and not being able to relay on your health insurance, I vowed to do everything I could to improve a system that is deeply flawed" - Atilio Spaccarotella - CEO & Founder of Rene

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Atilio Spaccarotella

Chief Executive Officer
Atilio is the CEO and Founder of Rene, he started his first company at age 17. In 2019 Atilio decided to leave his position as Chief Executive Officer at GTN Medical to start Rene Health, and disrupt the travel insurance industry.

Gustavo Lindenberg

Chief Technology Officer
Gustavo is a technology expert with over 10 years of experience and current co-founder and CTO at Rene. Before Rene, Gustavo developed software for governments and private institutions, specializing in healthcare apps.

Paulina Szydlo

Chief Product Officer
Paulina specializes in UX/UI and is in charge of Product at Rene. She graduated from the UWF and after working for several startups in the travel and technology space decided to join Rene.

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