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DFS Retreats Partners with InsureTech Startup Rene to Secure Traveling Guests

With the pandemic forcing individuals, families, and businesses to take a second look at how secure they are at present, Disciplined Free Spirits (DFS) Retreats is not taking any chances when it comes to the safety of its guests for its Bali … Read More

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Rene Reimagining Travel Insurance and Protection for All

Travel is an exciting experience for everyone. Yet as adventurous as traveling might be, one thing that each traveler needs to have in mind is travel insurance and protection. In this age of greater mobility and transportation, a business startup … Read More

Utilizing Tech For the Greater Good, Atilio Spaccarotella Helps Create a Better World Through His Ideas and Innovations

Technology is rapidly evolving, processes that used to be done by humans have now conveniently been delegated to machines or software. In the tech industry, this process is called automation, and it has become such a valuable method for companies … Read More

Rene Health and the Evolution of Healthcare and Insurance with CareSurance™

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the decline in the economy locally and globally continues to manifest. Worldwide business transactions and partnerships are gravely affected by the economic regression and travel restrictions imposed by the different states. While experts are working to … Read More

‘Rene’ and Its Mission to Provide the Best Travel Care

Traveling to different places can be essential for some types of work. While the concept of travel sounds like a dream job with lots of perks, the possibility of encountering a travel accident brings the stake up high, especially if … Read More

Travel Enthusiast and Entrepreneur Atilio Spaccarotella Safeguards Health of Travelers with Rene

People travel a lot. Our curiosity to explore different places and to witness a variety of cultures make the travel industry one of the leading service industries in the world. When traveling, individuals or families create a checklist of things … Read More