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Rene a new travel insurance player

Rene is a new travel insurance player.

Rene is a new travel insurance player Rene, the travel insurance startup “addressing tomorrow’s travel needs today,” is live. Founded in 2019 and led by Argentinean entrepreneur Atilio Luis Spaccarotella, Rene sees the future of healthcare and insurance evolving into … Read More

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Atilio and Gustavo

Staying Ahead of Health Security While Traveling to a Foreign Country Through Rene

Atilio Spaccarotella and his co-founder Gustavo Lindenberg after winning a pitch competition in NYC When people travel, health security must be in the catalog of necessities. There are inevitable harms that go along with traveling across countries. Hence, everyone needs … Read More

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DFS Retreats Partners with InsureTech Startup Rene to Secure Traveling Guests

With the pandemic forcing individuals, families, and businesses to take a second look at how secure they are at present, Disciplined Free Spirits (DFS) Retreats is not taking any chances when it comes to the safety of its guests for its Bali … Read More

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Rene travel

Rene Reimagining Travel Insurance and Protection for All

Travel is an exciting experience for everyone. Yet as adventurous as traveling might be, one thing that each traveler needs to have in mind is travel insurance and protection. In this age of greater mobility and transportation, a business startup … Read More

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Utilizing Tech For the Greater Good, Atilio Spaccarotella Helps Create a Better World Through His Ideas and Innovations

Technology is rapidly evolving, processes that used to be done by humans have now conveniently been delegated to machines or software. In the tech industry, this process is called automation, and it has become such a valuable method for companies … Read More

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Rene Health and the Evolution of Healthcare and Insurance with CareSurance™

Amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, the decline in the economy locally and globally continues to manifest. Worldwide business transactions and partnerships are gravely affected by the economic regression and travel restrictions imposed by the different states. While experts are working to … Read More

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‘Rene’ and Its Mission to Provide the Best Travel Care

Traveling to different places can be essential for some types of work. While the concept of travel sounds like a dream job with lots of perks, the possibility of encountering a travel accident brings the stake up high, especially if … Read More

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Travel Enthusiast and Entrepreneur Atilio Spaccarotella Safeguards Health of Travelers with Rene

People travel a lot. Our curiosity to explore different places and to witness a variety of cultures make the travel industry one of the leading service industries in the world. When traveling, individuals or families create a checklist of things … Read More

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Press Release – Seed round

LOS ANGELES, CA / ACCESSWIRE / September 1, 2020 / The COVID-19 pandemic has complicated traveling abroad. Nearly 56% of travelers planning to journey abroad do not know if their current health insurance policy will cover a health emergency or hospitalization … Read More

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Rene Travel Blog

Travel apps: Industry trends

The travel industry is very dynamic regarding trends, and it’s affected by lots of factors, like the recent coronavirus outbreak. But it’s also influenced by new technologies such as travel apps that allow you to book, plan, share and experience … Read More

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5 facts about the Coronavirus – How to stay safe?

What is Coronavirus?Coronaviruses are a very large and well known family of viruses that you can find in both animals and humans, however the coronavirus that’s terrorizing the world is a new strain that hasn’t been previously detected before the … Read More

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Couple ‘held hostage’ in a hospital over an unpaid $14,000 medical bill.

Only a few months ago a Georgia couple decided to spend a nice vacation on a Cruise but they never expected to be ‘held hostage’ by a Mexican Hospital. Stephen Johnson, 31, and fiancée Tori Austin had to seek medical … Read More

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Coronavirus outbreak, Does travel insurance covers it?

The Coronavirus outbreak has been declared a global emergency by the World Health Organization. If you are traveling, regardless of the destination, you should always have comprehensive medical insurance that includes emergency evacuation and natural disaster coverage. Travel health insurance … Read More

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