Rene is feature rich

We keep your travelers safe, offer Rene to your employees or customers and upgrade their travel experience.

Who is Rene for

Rene for Business

Cover your traveling teams with the right type of travel insurance regardless of the destination, reduce liabilities by complying with your duty of care obligations.

Rene for Travel Agencies

Stand out from the crowd and offer a unique set of tools that will ensure the safety of your clients while still providing your personal touch.

Customized experience for every industry

Rene's unique platform adapts to the needs of every business, configure how you want to use it, and enjoy all the benefits with just a few clicks.

Ultimate personalization

Personalize your travelers' experience by adding your logo to our app and emails.

Rene's Features

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Policy Match

AI-powered technology matches the right type of insurance with your trip, making sure you have adequate coverage.

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Emergency Services

Customized emergency information based on your destination. Connect with local emergency numbers with the tap of a button.

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Online Directory

Our worldwide directory of hospitals and doctors allows you to find the right care in under 30 seconds.

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Real-time Location

Live location sharing in case of an emergency. Tap it to let your employer or loved ones know about your location.

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Travel Advisories

Relevant travel information like restrictions, safety concerns, government advisories, COVID-19 updates and more.

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Consult with a doctor 24/7 via phone or video chat. Save time and avoid a visit to the ER.
Prescriptions available in the US

You have full control with corporate dashboard

Manage your travelers using Rene dashboard, choose how you want to offer Rene, check travel restrictions and advisories, buy yearly policies for your travelers, or get insurance per trip.

Ready to protect your travelers?

Duty of Care

If you are a business, you are responsible for whatever happens to your employees when they are traveling for business. Having insurance is not enough to be free of liabilities. Our smart platform offers tools that will help you navigate the new norm and allow your business to minimize risks.