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Travel smart. Your health and safety is our priority.

Discover a new way to plan travels and go on trips prioritizing your health and safety with our award-winning travel insurance app. Check safety levels in your destination and get your trips matched with the right travel health insurance.

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The choice of today’s healthy traveler

Ironically, there is more to travel than ever before. The Coronavirus is changing the travel industry and we are here to support you.

Policy Match
Policy Match

AI-powered technology matches the right type of insurance with your trip.

Emergency Services
Emergency Services

Customized emergency information, based on your destination. Connect with local emergency numbers with a tap of a button.

Online Directory
Online Directory

Our worldwide directory of hospitals and doctors allows you to find the right care in under 30 seconds.

Real-Time Location
Real-Time Location

Live location sharing in case of an emergency. Tap it, to let your loved one know about your location.

Travel Advisories
Travel Advisories

Relevant travel information like restrictions, safety concerns, government advisories and more.


Consult with a doctor 24/7 via phone or video chat. Save time and avoid visiting the ER.

Sports insurance coverage

We support you in your adventures

Most companies don't cover the practice of sports (not even hiking!) With Rene, you can enjoy active vacation and travel with peace of mind knowing that we have your back. We cover hundreds of sports like skiing, parasailing, hiking, parachuting and more.

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pre-existing conditions travel insurance
A new travel insurance, Caresurance

Get travel insurance, even with pre-existing conditions

  • Acute onset of pre-existing conditions
  • Up to $1.000.000 coverage up to 65 years
  • Up to $2.500 for 65 years or older
  • Coverage for visitors (business or pleasure)
  • Coverage for students
Easy access your insurance

Global directory. Access over 1M providers

Forget lengthy phone calls to an insurance company to find the help you need. With Rene you can find a hospital anywhere in the world with a tap of a button.

travel insurance directory

Our partners and clients

We only broker policies from the biggest and most reputable insurance companies, we also work with clients from all over the world.

Easy and affordable travel insurance

Traveling with the right care is easy. Just download the Rene travel insurance app.


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Have Questions? Look Here.

Travel insurance is complex, but Rene's mission is to simplify it. Here you can find the most common questions about travel medical insurance and the service that Rene provides.

Insurance prices are regulated by law, so it's not possible to find a different price for the same insurance plan. However, there are hundreds of different plans offered by different insurance companies. Our algorithm matches the right type of travel insurance for each traveler, offering the best option available while looking out for the traveler's budget.

Rene not only finds you the right type of insurance for your trip, but it also allows you to access medical services around the world with a tap of a button. With our award-winning app, you'll enjoy true peace of mind, knowing that you have access to hospitals and doctors worldwide, plus you'll have your most relevant medical information along with your insurance details. All in the palm of your hands.

Yes! we cover almost every country in the world, we even recommend the insurance plan according to the country you are traveling to, this way we are able to offer you the policy that has the most hospitals in-network

Yes! you are free to choose any provider, nevertheless we make an effort to show you the providers that are in network, this means that if you choose those providers the insurance company will pay them directly, this way you wont have to pay out of pocket and open a claim with the insurance company.

No. What Rene does is matching you with the right type of policy from a reputable insurance company and helping you navigate and access insurance in case you need to.

Caring for travelers around the world

We care for the wellbeing of every traveler and we are proud that thousands of customers choose us to help them stay safe and healthy on their journeys.

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“So much easier to have all of your healthcare needs on the go in one place.”

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“My company offers Rene and I find it to be one of the most helpful benefits for when I travel for work and for personal trips.”

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Enjoy your travels with peace of mind starting at $3 per day!

Don't risk it, not only you'll be covered from unexpected circumstances, you'll enjoy the true care experience provided by rene.