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Let's go back to traveling together

Increase your bookings by offering the ultimate level of care to your customers. Help them get back to traveling safely with tailored travel insurance, safety information, and more.

Increase your bookings

Give your customers the support they need to go back to traveling safely while promoting your brand.

Provide a unique experience

Travel safety and health app branded with your logo, so your customers know that you've got their backs.

Peace of mind in your traveler's pocket

Comprehensive features

We customize the Rene experience for every client, offering a suite of safety tools and travel perks adapted to your agency's needs.

Travel insurance

AI-powered technology matches the right type of insurance with every traveler and destination.

Travel advisories

Relevant travel information like restrictions, safety concerns, government advisories and more.

Medical directory

Our worldwide directory of hospitals and doctors allows travelers to find the right care in under 30 seconds.

Emergency services

Customized based on the destination. Connects travelers to local first responders with the tap of a button.

COVID-19 testing

(Coming Soon to the US) In-app test order when it’s required by the destination.


Doctor 24/7 via phone or video chat. Saving travelers time and spares visiting the ER.

How it works?

We save you time and help your customers travel safer.

Schedule a demo

Get a look inside and see how our modern technology can help your business offer unique care experience to your travelers.

Personalize Rene

Depending on your agency size and needs we can discuss what tools would be best for you to offer and create the materials you need to boost your sales.

Offer Rene

Give your customers access to the Rene app. They can get tailored health insurance, access medical services and safety information during their trips.

Protect your travelers

Complete travel protection tailored to your travelers' needs

Give your travelers the tool they need to access all safety information at their destination and properly prepare for the upcoming trips.

What clients are saying

We are helping hundreds of businesses and individuals to travel safely

"Thanks to Rene we are able to cover the participants of our Bali retreats. My customers are thankful that I care about their safety, especially during these hard times.”

"When we contacted Rene we had just lost insurance for our HQ in Mexico and we had to find a US travel insurance provider. Rene was able to cover our entire organization and add amazing perks that no one else is offering."

Javier Marks
VSG Group
"As a travel agency, we are struggling due to Coronavirus. We partnered up with Rene to offer our customers travel insurance and safety information, and we are seeing an increase in sales when we mention the perks that are included with Rene."

Don't wait another day

Increase your bookings by offering your travelers the care they need.