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Rene is a travel insurance finder and safety tool that will help you stay protected in all your journeys by monitoring your trips and providing real-time advisories and access to healthcare worldwide.

How does it work?

Travel shouldn’t be a stressful experience. That’s why we built a comprehensive tool that protects your health, safety, and wellness in one app.

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Download our App, and create your customizable trip in 2 simple steps. It’s available for iOS and Android FOR FREE!

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Get Coverage
Get the best insurance option with our AI-powered technology. Business travel? Family vacation? Adventure and extreme sports? We got your back!

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Now you have access to real-time travel restrictions and advisories, in-app chat, a global directory of hospitals, and more tools to keep you safe.

Download Rene

Download our App, it’s available for iOS and Android FOR FREE!


Need help? We got your back!

Global hospital directory​

Access to our worldwide directory of hospitals and doctors to get help in under 30 seconds.​


Medical consultation 24/7 via phone or video chat. Save time and get proper help anywhere, anytime.​

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